Seeking and experiencing under the light of a Guru .

We are surrounded by beautiful things around us… the amazing beauty of nature and the universe.As truly said ” Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” The expression and experience of beauty is subjective and it’s realm broadens as we uplift ourselves from the mundane and regular to extraordinary and unique . So what is most valuable is our individual perception motivated, influenced by our depths of thinking and analysing , our perception is also at times based on other person’s personal journey. A seeker will constantly try to unravel the secrets of this universe and will be in constant search of a divine light, a Guru .( a teacher, guide,master)To comprehend and explore ,the guidance of a true Guru takes the disciple from the sphere of ordinary to extraordinary!! The Guru who has attained realisation can make your life an experience beyond words and amazement is constantly tugging your soul.The Guru can make you see the beauty around from macro to micro level. To truly soak in the beauty around we need to be more open, aware of the finer details & possibilities around us.A master knows what you should see , do and think and he summarise it all for you and shows the path of your real journey.We need to seek for the Guru whose light will make each speck in the air sparkle like a star !!!

Our Weaknesses are our Strength

Our weaknesses are our biggest strength!! Sounds odd but true… the more weak we feel the more aware we are of it and somewhere deep down a chord is touched and since it’s raw and maybe there is hurt , you want to heal and then begins your journey of strength .

Don’t defend or defy your weaknesses as knowing is growing..

Life is knowing more..

Just like you cannot hold water or sand in your hand , so is our life… we cannot hold anything or anyone forever, either it’s time or destiny… we all are playing a very very small role in this universe,millions are born and reborn and our soul is gaining with each passing life …our purpose is spiritual awakening and understanding life on a deeper level, we tend to make big out of small but knowing it’s nothing…. each person in our life is like a jig saw puzzle and they are there with a certain purpose and once they have served they change.

Go deep down and think about life and add more meanings than what we see and spread your wings to a wider world, beyond time and space, now and then ,for it’s a forever journey of the soul….